Why partner with Telecom and IT Wisdom?

You get cost-cutting deals on your telecom and IT services — on average, our clients save 23% on their telecom and IT billings ­— at no cost to you.

Spearhead, a success-based telecom brokerage and IT services firm, helps you select, procure, and get matched with best-for-you telecom and IT vendors at verified best prices.

Wisdom solves your telecom and IT problems

Spearhead works with over 4,000 clients of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, giving us access to data from active deals to know true market rates. The volume of active deals we complete — hundreds each month — ensures you are matched with best-for-you providers at the best price based on:

  • 200,000+ Infrastructure Endpoints
  • 40,000 SD WAN deployments in 2019/2020
  • 80,000 UCaaS deployments

We’re recognized as:

  • AT&T’s Top-Performing Solution Provider, for three years in a row
  • Top 3 technology broker for Lumen 
  • Top technology broker for Verizon
  • A Trusted Solution Provider for Comcast Business