UCaaS? CCaaS? Get one unified communications plan.

Collaborate to plan the wisest voice IT strategy

Leave zombie tech behind

You’ve already (wisely) decided to move beyond asset-heavy, breakable, on-premise infrastructure, but new technologies and 31 flavors of cloud offer complex options, like UCaaS or CCaaS. Picking vendors and tech is often risky and time consuming.
Partner with Telecom and IT Wisdom

Let Spearhead untangle your voice technology complexities

One comprehensive plan for voice technology

With so many new technologies and vendors, developing the best-for-you voice technology strategy can be tricky and distracting for your team. 

Partner with Spearhead to do the work for you. We combine our analysis of your infrastructure needs with our deep industry knowledge of voice technology providers and practices. We develop and execute a comprehensive plan that optimizes your voice tech and save you money and time.

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    Your shield from voice technology missteps

    We’ve helped hundreds of organizations modernize their voice technology, moving businesses from legacy PBX systems to cloud-based, to save them money and take advantage of the latest features. We’ve seen complex problems like yours before, and know the best practices to untangle them. 

    Spearhead works directly with the largest voice technology providers — allowing us to deploy UCaaS faster than anyone else without disrupting your business. From 1 to 10,000 lines, we can virtually configure most accounts to the base configurations within 24-48 hours.

    Wisdom to guide your voice technology transformation

    We've developed technology to automate the entire implementation process — allowing us to do entire projects in days, not months. No project is too small or big.

    Partner with Spearhead to guarantee an expert on your team is looking at the big picture. We will:

    • How can UCaaS and CCaaS reduce your TCO and make you more agile?
    • Unified Communication: How can we effectively manage inbound and outbound calls, emails, social networking, web, chat and other types of contact?
    • How can we monitor and analyze contact center activities and workflows?
    • Which if any CMS should we deploy?
    • How will the contact center integrate with API plugins for your crucial applications such as CRM, email, and ERP?
    • Which “point” solutions should we integrate, like reporting tools, ACD, and IVR?

    Untangle complexity

    Don’t risk a mistake in a critical component of your enterprise. Partner with Spearhead. Let your team focus on day-to-day roles, initiatives and projects. We'll handle all the complex steps needed to transform your voice technology and ensure no disruptions to your business.

    Your Agnostic Partner

    Collaborate with us to leverage our team's knowledge and insight, helping over 4,000 enterprises deploy UCaaS.

    Your Shield From Complexity

    Forget the distracting tasks your team will need to evaluate, research, select, procure, and deploy voice technology. Spearhead does it all for you — saving you from having to devote internal resources to migrations or changes.

    Pay Us $0

    Since we are compensated by suppliers, our services to you cost nothing. (A nice round sum, huh?)

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