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Optimize your managed services

We orchestrate the outsourcing of your managed services so you cut your OPEX spending, reduce your TCO, and get stronger SLAs from best-of-breed providers with services perfectly matched to you.
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Untangle managed services complexities

You need to do more than ask the right questions

You face 99 choices deciding how best to support ongoing IT operations. What’s the right balance between internal versus external support? Where do you draw the line between in-scope and out-of-scope services? How much actual “management” is appropriate (for which you might pay more) versus routine operational duties (for which you might pay less)?

You also need to know which answers have been tested by real-world performance for organizations like yours — exactly what you can expect from a collaboration with us.

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    Your shield from the complexities of managed services

     See how you can cut your OPEX, reduce TCO, and get stronger SLAs from best-of-breed providers. Sounds simple, but it ain’t. Identify and align your needs with best-in-class providers. Our IT consultants customize plans to leverage your options within your budget.

    Wisdom guides your managed services

    Of course, making the correct managed IT services choices will have a big impact on your organization’s budget and its ability to compete. But an even bigger impact may come from not having to make those choices yourself — so you can focus on other pressing priorities. That may be the biggest reason organizations choose Spearhead before choosing a managed service provider.

    Partner with Spearhead to guarantee an expert on your team is looking at the big picture. We will:

    • Constantly work on behalf of organizations that buy technology services in order to evaluate different providers’ offerings, level of customer service, and overall performance.
    • Constantly interact with service providers worldwide in order to asses current offerings, market conditions, competitive claims, rates, geographic coverages and more.
    • Provide clients with free assessments of which carriers, data centers, cloud providers, contact centers, mobile providers, and managed services providers rank on various key criteria

    Untangle complexity

    Partner with Spearhead to allow your team to focus on day-to-day roles, initiatives and projects. We handle all the complex steps needed to monitor and evaluate your managed services providers.

    Your Agnostic Partner

    Collaborate with us to leverage our team's knowledge and insight, helping over 4,000 enterprises lower their telecom expenses by, on average, 23%

    Your Shield From Complexity

    Forget the distracting tasks your team will need to identify, procure and negotiate managed services. Spearhead does it all for you — saving your internal resources.

    Pay Us $0

    Since we are compensated by suppliers, our services to you cost nothing. (A nice round sum, huh?)

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    See how you can cut your OPEX, reduce TCO, and get stronger SLAs from best-of-breed providers.
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