Always high-risk. Sometimes high-reward.


Set your data up for success

You need IT infrastructure in place to respond quickly to economic and operational changes. If you have outdated technology that no longer can support your needs, you could be faced with connections that fail to scale and respond.
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Let Spearhead untangle your data center complexities

One comprehensive plan delivers your ideal data center solution

Data center transformation, consolidation, and migration are time-consuming projects that can distract your IT team and disrupt your business.

Partner with Spearhead to do the work for you. We combine our analysis of your infrastructure needs with our deep industry knowledge of cloud providers and practices. We develop and execute a comprehensive plan to optimize your ideal data center for success.

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    Your shield from data center missteps

    We’ve helped hundreds of organizations modernize their data centers — years building the experience to assess what will work best for you: public, private, or co-location facilities. We’ve seen complex problems like yours before, and know the best practices to untangle them. 

    Spearhead shields you from holding multiple leashes. As your partner, our team handles the distracting tasks of data center transformation — from consolidation to migration. Wise up and collaborate with a team (us!) who has seen your problems before and know how to avoid the pitfalls.

    Wisdom to guide your data center transformation

    We make sure the data center options you choose offer the capabilities you need within a service plan that is right for you.

    Critical Area #1

    Needs assessment

    Every organization is unique, which means that any data center recommendation must start with a thorough understanding of an individual organization’s needs and current IT setup, including:
    • IT skills and headcount
    • Compliance issues
    • Security concerns
    • Legacy investments
    • IT workloads
    • Application types
    • Power Assessment
    • Need for physical access
    • Geographic footprint

    Critical Area #2

    Provider capabilities assessment

    In order to pick the right data center options you need to know what those options are. Spearhead is unmatched in its knowledge of data center providers, their strengths, weaknesses, and range of offerings, including:
    • Delivery model (multi/single tenant, on/off premises)
    • Business model (colocation, hosted, managed hosted, hybrid cloud, etc.)
    • Professional services (e.g., capacity planning, performance testing)
    • Applications as a service (e.g., Microsoft, Linux)
    • Environmental (e.g., heat, A/C, electrical, fire prevention, location)
    • Managed services (e.g., database, security, disaster recovery)
    • Physical security (e.g., CCTV, guards)
    • Financial (e.g., pricing, contract length, termination clauses)
    • Data backup (e.g., media, where backups are stored, backup testing)

    Critical Area #3

    Data center migration

    Making sure there’s a great fit between your business and your data center is our primary objective. We match your needs to provider capabilities, then manage the data center migration itself, including:
    • Data center architecture
    • Equipment build-out
    • Post-migration support
    • Vendor negotiations
    • Implementation runbook
    • Migration timetable
    • Service selections
    • Backup and recovery
    • Purposing legacy assets

    Untangle complexity

    Don’t risk a mistake in a critical component of your enterprise. Partner with Spearhead. Let your team focus on day-to-day roles, initiatives and projects. We'll handle all the complex steps needed to transform your data centers and ensure you are future ready.

    Your Agnostic Partner

    Collaborate with us to leverage our team's knowledge and insight, helping over 4,000 enterprises transform their data centers.

    Your Shield From Complexity

    Forget the distracting tasks your team will need to evaluate, research, select, procure, and deploy data center transformations. Spearhead does it all for you — saving you from having to devote internal resources to migrations or changes.

    Pay Us $0

    Since we are compensated by suppliers, our services to you cost nothing. (A nice round sum, huh?)

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