Before you invest in a cloud-based solution, Spearhead makes sure it meets all critical business and technical criteria — and is implemented following industry best practices.


Your ideal cloud solution?

The decision to move all or some of your IT infrastructure to the cloud is one of the most consequential business decisions you will make. On the one hand, the cloud offers tremendous economic and operational benefits. On the other hand, a cloud migration also raises legitimate questions around security and business disruptions.
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One comprehensive plan for your ideal cloud solution

Cloud transformation, consolidation, and migration are time consuming projects that can distract your IT team and disrupt your business.

Partner with Spearhead to do the work for you. We combine our analysis of your infrastructure needs with our deep industry knowledge of cloud providers and practices. We develop and execute a comprehensive plan that optimizes your cloud strategies and deployment for success.

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    Your shield from cloud missteps

    Moving to the cloud raises significant questions you must answer:

    • Will my data be secure?
    • How will my infrastructure align with my business challenges and objectives?
    • How best (if at all) can I leverage my legacy IT investments?
    • Which type(s) of cloud are right for me: public, private, or hybrid?
    • How much of my operations and infrastructure should I migrate to the cloud?
    • How exactly will my cloud migration be carried out and with what disruption?

    The right answers are critical — and different for every organization. Finding them requires deep knowledge of both the cloud providers and your organization — how both can and do work together. That’s where Spearhead comes in. We help you achieve the ideal cloud solution.

    Wisdom to guide your ideal cloud plans

    Spearhead makes sure your decisions achieve the ideal cloud solution in three key ways:

    Critical Area #1

    Infrastructure analysis

    We offer a complete top-to-bottom assessment of your current IT infrastructure services from both a technology and business perspective. This assessment helps us to completely understand the potential benefits a cloud solution might offer. Areas we look at include:
    • Applications
    • Disaster recovery
    • Legacy investments
    • Geographic locations
    • Business volatility
    • IT workloads
    • Compliance
    • Staffing
    • Need to own

    Critical Area #2

    Cloud provider survey

    Spearhead has deep experience with all major cloud service providers, including both public and private cloud vendors. We can provide you with a complete overview, including a particular provider’s pluses and minuses in areas like:
    • Managed services range
    • Contract terms
    • SLAs
    • Awards won
    • Customer portal
    • Physical facilities
    • Consulting services
    • Geographic coverage
    • Provisioning automation
    • Cost
    • Security
    • Applications as a Service
    • Cloud Migration

    Critical Area #3

    Cloud plan execution

    By combining our analysis of your infrastructure needs with our deep industry knowledge of cloud providers and practices, Spearhead will develop and execute a comprehensive plan that best achieves your ideal cloud solution, including help with:
    • Cloud Architecture
    • Equipment build-out
    • Post-migration support
    • Vendor negotiations
    • Implementation run book
    • Migration timetable
    • Service selections
    • Backup and recovery
    • Purposing legacy assets

    Untangle complexity

    Don’t risk a mistake in a critical component of your enterprise. Partner with Spearhead. Let your team focus on day-to-day roles, initiatives and projects. We'll handle all the complex steps needed to plan and implement your ideal cloud solutions.

    Your Agnostic Partner

    Collaborate with us to leverage our team's knowledge and insight, helping over 4,000 enterprises implement and migrate cloud solutions.

    Your Shield From Complexity

    Forget the distracting tasks your team will need to evaluate, research, select, procure, and deploy cloud solutions. Spearhead does it all for you — saving you from having to devote internal resources to migrations or changes.

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    Since we are compensated by suppliers, our services to you cost nothing. (A nice round sum, huh?)

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