Agnostic Guidance Delivers Best-For-You Solutions

October 7, 2021

Agnostic Guidance Delivers Best-For-You Solutions

EVP of Business Development at Spearhead, Peter Quinttus, welcomes President/COO Lisa Miller to the Spearhead team to discuss how our agnostic approach to telecom and IT gives you the wisdom to be matched with best-in-class and best-of-breed vendors to solve your business problems.

Agnostic guidance in a multi-vendor world

Relying on a single vendor severely limits your choices. Realistically, you might need three, five, maybe more vendors to give you the tools to succeed. Since we procure services for 4,000 clients from 300 world-class vendors we know well, we bring you an objective, precise selection process.

It would be a daunting, complex task — if we didn’t do it every day.

Wisdom solves your telecom and IT problems

Spearhead works with over 4,000 clients of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, giving us access to data from active deals to know true market rates. The volume of active deals we complete — hundreds each month — ensures you are matched with best-for-you providers at the best price.